Portfolio of Sex Positive Feminism!

Hedonisia EcoSex & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio!

Using social entrepreneur business principles to 'solve' intractable sexual dysfunctions that affect so many societies in the world is a powerful concept.

"The Birth of Venus" - Early Sex Positive Feminism!

"The Birth of Venus": Sex Positive Art!

It allows an Ecosex Entrepreneur the opportunity to make a living from creating the change that they want to see in the world!

This website offers ideas and resources for those who want to work positively in the field of sexuality. It is for those who enjoy working with sex but in a way that improves socialization in society rather than exploiting it.

At the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community, we worked on projects like this site which offer activist, ecofeminist or eco-sex entrepreneur services!

Hedonisia was destroyed in May 2018 in the Kilauea volcano eruption. We have moved and become a micro-community in Portland where we manage the following sites:

Education Services

  1. Activist Entrepreneur: How to create a business supporting political, social or environmental goals.
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur. Ecourse on how to create a business supporting gender equality.
  3. Sex to Save the World! (This site!) Ideas for using sexuality to create ethical companies that address social problems. Crowdfund for sex-positive ideas to help the world. And sex ‘negative’ ideas to help with people suffering from the negative consequences of sex.

EcoFeminist Reproductive Rights

  1. Natural Abortion.org: Reproductive rights info for sex-positive pro-choice women.
  2. Natural Miscarriage.org: Reproductive rights for women in conservative and poor regions of the world.

EcoSex Entrepreneur Products & Services

  1. EcoSensual.org: Sex Positive Natural Birth Control Methods for Lovers
  2. Tantric Ganja: A marijuana based aphrodisiac for female sexual empowerment and pleasure.
  3. World Art Erotica: A virtual museum of sensual art and literature from around the world.

Hedonisia Crowdfunds

  1. Tantric Ganja Aphrodisiac Crowdfund
  2. Activist Entrepreneur Patron Fund
  3. Hedonisia Return, Rebuild, Rebirth Fund

EcoSex World Member Resources:

  1. EcoSex Entrepreneur Royalty Free Ideas! & Research Royalty-free ideas for products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them! Practical research on sex positivity and dysfunction in the world.
  2. World Sex Discussion Group Training Materials. Intelligent people want to talk about sex and society. They are happy to pay a small fee for the opportunity to do so in a safe, friendly environment. Members learn to host their own Sex Discussion Group to earn a small income, make friends and enjoy intellectual discussions about sex no matter where they live in the world!
  3. Adult Education! Sex is connected to so many forms of human behavior; often in a way that is dysfunctional; with societal or environmental costs. This unique collection of essays shows the many different ways that sex affects society. 

EcoSex World Membership!
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