Portland Sex Discussion Meetup

Sex to Save the World Portland Discussion Groups!

Community Director, Mojo hosts a series of Discussion Groups in Portland, OR, one of the most progressive and sex-positive cities in the US.

In 2018, Mojo hosted 4 discussion groups as part of Sex Positive Portland (SPP), an organization centered around understanding and exploring all aspects of human sexuality, consent, relationship styles, kink, gender, and orientation.

Due to the success of these groups, he started a separate Meetup! Sex to Save the World Discussion Group. However, he is also still hosting discussion groups with SPP.

Upcoming Discussion Groups for 2019 in Portland!

Both Sex Positive Portland and Sex to Save the World Discussion Group are listed as private meetups for greater confidentiality. As a result, to view the events you must join as a Member.

We offer Student and Military discounts. For those who would like to attend for free, please check out our Volunteer Opportunities.

Sexual Politics in Portlandia! 2018 SlutWalk March in downtown Portland.


ARCHIVE: 2018 Sex Positive Portland (SPP) Meetups of Sex to Save the World

(Some might be repeated in 2019 due to popularity!)

  • Oct 15: “Ending Slut Shaming” – Gender and Societal benefits in ending double standards!
  • Oct 22: Tantric Ganja: Marijuana as a better consent aphrodisiac compared to alcohol.
  • Nov 5:Sex Workers: Benefits to society for legalized sex work.
  • Nov 19:EcoSex Entrepreneurs: Combining business and sex to address social or environmental issues!