Intern EcoSexual Entrepreneur Project Details

Micro-Community in Portland – Volunteer for Rent Reduction

This program is residential which means you can enjoy an affordable volunteer vacation in Hawaii and work on causes with a global reach!

Many of our interns have found this kind of ‘volunteer vacation’ more meaningful and rewarding than just coming home from Hawaii with a sunburn!

Though our community is in the lush tropical rainforests of Hawaii, most of our sex-positive work is intellectual and on the web!

Current EcoSexual Entrepreneur Intern Projects:

Research and Writing Interns in Hawaii

Kate: EcoFeminist Writer & Intern

Volunteers can choose to do writing and research work on these sex positive subjects! Here is a small sample of the kinds of work that you can do:

1) Sexually IncorrectSustainable Sexuality: These ebook essays address various aspects of human behavior and sex in the modern world.

From Sex and Religion to Sex and Politics, talking about sex is often always controversial. So this project is not for the politically correct!

The raw essays of these ebooks are in the paid Member’s Area. If accepted to work as a volunteer on these projects you will receive a Username and Login which allow you to access and work on the articles.

We are looking for applicants with research, debate, proofreading, writing and editing skills.

  1. Reading! Each Intern chooses an article in the Sexually Incorrect or Sustainable Sexuality books based on their interests. For example, Sex & Politics or Sex and the Media.
  2. Discussion. Then we have a discussion to make sure we agree on the main arguments of the essay.
  3. Writing. Once we agree on the work that needs to be done to complete the essay you can write and research as creatively as you wish! This will be your personal research project for the duration of your stay.
  4. Challenges. We welcome you to challenge our arguments. If there is something in one of our postings that you absolutely don’t agree with then write it in blue! We will either have to rephrase our point, make a change or articulate our defense. But as with immunity systems, our essays can only grow stronger with challenges!
  5. Fact Checking. For many of the issues raised in our essays we need further research for facts or supporting evidence with bibliographic reference and link to the original source.
  6. Corrections. Correct mistakes in grammar/spelling etc and revise the existing text.
  7. Conclusion. The goal is to complete your chosen essay during your time at our community in Hawaii. If we use the essay in our published book then we credit your contribution.
  8. Synopsis of Articles. We are slowly creating synopses of the Sexually Incorrect Member articles for the public area of this website.

3) Future Book Project: From Islam to Free Love

  • Scan and Organize media articles and research on anecdotal stories and stats on female sexuality in Muslim countries
  • Research areas of Quran & Hadith that deal with females, feminism, and sexuality
  • Research pivotal events that gave rise to “modern” Islamic fundamentalism
  • Research positive sensual role models in Islam like Irshad Manji and Ayaan al Hirsi.

4) EcoSexual Entrepreneur Web Design & Social Networking

  • Graphic Design: This is a new site which does not yet have a customized design. Perfect for someone looking to add to their portfolio!
  • WordPress Expert: We would love to have someone work with us to add more advanced WordPress widgets, plugins, and other interactive features.
  • SEO and Social Network: Writing promotional texts, link exchanges and Promotion of individual articles. SEO optimization.

5) World Art Erotica Image Archives. Our sensual art museum is in continual need of a curator to organize and edit the new historical images which we want to add to our online collections of royalty-free erotica.

Our ideal Intern can have any of the following skills, interests or experience:

  • Post Secondary Education. Minimum one year of college-level study in any of the following subjects: sociology, women’s studies, human sexuality, international affairs, psychology, holistic health studies, liberal arts, humanities, environmental studies, communications or political science.
  • Completion of a human sexuality course or workshop. At one of the following centers: Human Awareness InstituteSky Dancing TantraThe HumaniversityOne TasteSacred ErosSex Positive Portland or other similar organizations.
  • Online Research. Experience with  online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
  • Computer Proficiency. Including experience with Google Docs. Experience with WordPress, Photoshop,  web design, graphic design, might be required for certain projects.
  • Sex Work. Work experience in a sex-related field may be substituted for formal education. Please specify what related work experience you have.
  • Alternative Relationship Experience. As part-time residents of Portland, the most sexually progressive city in America, we see more and more people embracing alternative relationships to the traditional norms. Such anecdotal experience is valuable for some of the essays in our ebooks!

Hedonisia Intern Community Manager Program Details

  • Work Division Balance. Research work can be challenging. Staring at a computer screen in paradise can be difficult even if it is raining outside! So we have divided the volunteer work of our interns into body and brain! Computer work research = 1.5 hours. Land or cleaning = 1.5 hours. This way you get to use your brain on computer work and then finish off your shift either in the land doing weeding or cleaning! Interns love this balance of body and brain work!
  • Certificate of Completion. The program can be adjusted, within reason, to accommodate to a students school’s or educational institution’s internship requirements. We offer a certificate of completion upon request once the intern has satisfied the requirements of the Hedonisia Intern Program.
  • Eco-Feminist & Sex-Positive Interns! Only Interns can choose to work on this site as part of their Community Manager duties. Fair-Trade Volunteers & Community Guests will usually do only Body or Heart work!

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