Sex & Society

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Sustainable Sexuality focuses on the following topics:

  • Win/Win Gender Equality
    In fighting for women’s rights the feminist movement has made changes that have an effect on society as a whole. Unfortunately, unintended and unforeseen consequences resulted from the efforts of the women’s rights movement. Most notably among them most men see feminism as in opposition to men and masculinity and treating women as victims that need to be protected perpetuating disempowering victim mentality among women.
  • Alternative Ways of Looking at Love
    The gay rights movement opened the door for more open discussion about sexuality but by concentrating their efforts to gain the right to be as happy or miserable in marriage as many heteros are, have closed the discussions on other forms of formal relationships. Homosexuality has gained acceptance but gay and lesbian identity is only a part of a much larger conversation about sexual attraction and identity. As many in society grow more tired of the default option of monogamy, marriage and one partner for life, they grow hungry for alternative ways of looking at love, connection, and relationships.
  • Sustainable Sexuality deals with personal issues in the world today and how they are affected by human sexuality. This is a practical look at many of the problems facing society today and observing the connection of sex to both the problem and certain solutions. Sustainable Sexuality is written with truth in mind.

It is not as global and ‘big picture’ as Sexually Incorrect. It is a little more relationship and personal oriented.

We invite you to think of any subject that has to do with human behavior. It could be politics, violence, advertising, war, racism, activism, religion. Anything at all. And then add the word “sex” to it. For example sex and violence, sex and advertising, sex and religion and of course sex and politics! Notice how the words often seem to go together? That is because they do!

Now think of the dysfunctional elements when you combine sex and politics, sex and advertising or sex and religion. In almost every area of human behavior, when you attach the word sex to it there is a pleasurable element and a painful element.

Our approach is to describe some of the problems relating to sex in the world today. “How it has been”. And then, instead of lamenting the state of affairs in the world today, we try to offer a Sensual Enterprise ‘solution’ to the problem,  “How it could be”.

We put forth ‘Sensual Enterprise’ products or services that work towards a solution to the dysfunction. Some of the ideas are ‘legal’ in some countries and illegal in others.

But in our ebook, there are many practical applications of how the problems in society that stem from broken sexuality can instead be addressed with business ideas. In other words to create a business opportunity (and jobs!) whilst at the same time using sexuality in a positive way.

Cynics might argue that you can never combine sex and business in any way that is beneficial. We would beg to differ! And we invite you to become a member to see our ideas for making sex work!

Sustainable Sexuality is an Open Book Project!

Please note that this is a work in progress. We are still developing the ideas and concepts on this website. As a result, you will notice that certain articles and postings are not quite complete! However, we welcome you to comment on any article and be part of the discussion!

Unlike a normal “book” that only allows readers in when it is complete and published, we have adopted a decidedly different approach. By opening the door to perusal as it is being written, we invite feedback and debate. This allows us to make minor adjustments and improvements to our ideas and research in real time. As an evolutionary mechanism, we believe that this can only help to evolve the concepts that we are presenting here so they can withstand the inevitable criticism and controversy when the book is a final “physical” product.