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Being in a paradise like Hawaii is the perfect place to come back to the present and allow your mind to be quiet. This quiet mind allows you to think clearly and openly about important topics like sexual dysfunction in the modern world. My article was about something I have always been passionate about- overpopulation and our Earth.

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Tara: 2015 Hedonisia Intern & EcoSex Writer

The world is at carrying capacity yet many women have no power over their own sexuality for many different reasons, which I speak about in my article. Mojo was a great supporter and "sounding board" for this article. He was always available with an open mind to help with ideas and editing, even while he was away traveling in totally different time zones. Tara - Hedonisia Intern

The Way it is: Resources for sustaining life on Earth are limited. High population levels around the world are further creating strains on these resources.

Some estimates state that Earth could support slightly under 10 billion people. However, that would come at great cost to all other forms of life on the planet. The population is currently around 7 billion, yet scientists estimate our population to grow to 9 billion by 2050.

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There are a number of reasons for overpopulation, including a longer lifespan, better medical facilities, and fertility treatments, as well as a lack of family planning. Sex is a natural part of life, obviously helping to maintain humanity but also contributing to our growing population.

Overpopulation is also in part caused by the fact that many women all over the world do not control their own fertility and sexual activity is only acceptable for procreation, not recreation.

A lack of family planning is an issue in many parts of the world, especially developing countries where people are poverty stricken with limited access to information on family planning.

The resulting growing population results in deforestation, pollution of waterways, and even increases threats of war and violence as resources become scarcer.

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