Bisexuals and Sex!

The Way it is: Bisexuality and Sex

Although there is much literature about homosexuality, there is relatively little that specifically mentions bisexuals and sex. This has been a consistent pattern across the world.

"Virgin" - Austrian Erotic Art

"Virgin" - Austrian Erotic Art

All too often bisexuals feel forced to 'choose a side', either homosexual or heterosexual. Many report pressure from both sides of the fence.

This alienates and isolates bisexuals with a wide range of social consequences.

More and more people are questioning their sexual orientation with the help of the Internet. At the same time, misinformation and negative stereotypes exist about bisexuals.

A real discussion of bisexuality has not happened in a broad way. And that is in progressive countries! Current efforts are mostly aimed at dispelling dismissive stereotypes that are often perpetuated by both non-informed parties as well as LGBT community members.

In conservative countries, both gay and bisexual protections are both equally under duress.

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